Wedding & Events Services

Your guests will remember your wedding day for a long time, also thanks to the numerous entertainment services that we make available to you. Countless artists with different skills will entertain and entertain your guests while always maintaining an atmosphere of healthy joy and lightheartedness that will characterize the whole day.


Basic set-up includes Runner, handkerchief binding, fresh flower centerpiece, knight at the table, room assignment, and Tableau Marriage.

Civil marriage rite

The set-up for the civil ceremony includes seats, floral decorations and rice holders. The choice of decorative elements that make the atmosphere elegant and unique for a refined wedding. The civil ceremony provides for the blessing of the couple with small anecdotes of married life.


It includes: table preparation with tasting of comfits in assorted flavors, drops of meringues, candies for children and an elegant container for comfits themed with your event.

Helicopter Rental

A shower of petals at the exit of the church, or a photo shoot on Ravello and Capri with the witnesses, and then arriving at the reception directly by helicopter, would be a real touch of class to better characterize your wedding day.

Different Bar

The Apecar Aperitif, to serve snacks and drinks; The Apecar Pizza, for the tasting of the classic Neapolitan pizza or, if desired, the transformation of the pizza into a cone; The Apecar Sorbets and Ice Cream, to refresh your guests on hot summer days; The Apecar with Hot Chocolate, for those who decide to get married in the winter; The Apecar Bicchierata, for every moment of toast to share with everyone.

Egyptian trumpets

Treat yourself to a unique wedding by ensuring a touch of true elegance, with an Egyptian trumpet ensemble that puts the emphasis on the highlights of your most beautiful day.

Living statues

Once commonly called mimes, today living statues truly amaze their audience, managing to remain motionless for hours. Let your guests be enchanted by this art form.

Nineteenth-century ladies and waders

Nineteenth-century ladies and waders will welcome your guests upon arrival at our facility, entertaining them and giving them smiles.


From the most unthinkable object to the most characteristic face, he transforms what passes in front of him into splendid, sympathetic and respectful caricatures.


A touch of refinement that gives a truly fairytale atmosphere to your event. The unique elegance and sweet sound of the violin could entertain your guests while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive, or it could even stay in the hall for the duration of the reception.


The sound of the harp releases fascinating melodies, gives splendid sensations suitable for the most important moments and gives guests a feeling of serenity.


An ancient way of proposing music, cheers your guests with elegance and without intrusiveness, it is a thin thread that stands between the silence of the room and the shouting of the guests. Create the right atmosphere for a special day.


There are not enough words to describe the artistic skills of our piano bar, which will keep the spouses and guests company with a vast repertoire, touching musical genres of all kinds.

String Quartet

In addition to delighting the spouses and guests with music suitable for any type of ceremony, it will give an extra touch of harmony to the room, giving added value to your reception.


The soft sound of the saxophone, combined with the artistic skills of the Maestro, will give a suggestive touch to your big day.

Gospel choir

The word gospel refers to the choral musical genre born in the early Thirties. The gospel is characterized by being sung by a choir and a solo singer with an important voice. It mainly uses blues-inspired rhythmic bases.

Mood breaker

The Mood breaker also known as ‘crazy waiter’ is ideal for making your event interesting and fun. He will entertain guests dressed as a real waiter with bizarre cabaret combinations. Guests will be truly amazed.

Magic cake

Try to imagine a scenario of stars that, surprisingly, appears when the cake is cut. The cutting of the cake is the end of your day and, to make it unique and fairy tale, there is nothing better than a cake brought to life by projected images, making the moment truly fabulous.

Aerial dance

Rhythm, music and movement are the essence of the exhibition that combines various types of dance. The scenic effect it gives to the ceremony is extraordinary, almost always combined with the cutting of the cake, where the guests, as well as delighting the palate, will entertain themselves with the grace of aerial dance.

Fire juggling

With great impact, it will leave young and old in awe, attracting attention not with the usual fire-eating show, but with the juggling of the fire, giving your event a touch of magic.

Noble corner

A delightful corner that comes at the end of the meal to pleasantly surprise and entertain guests with originality. The set-up includes: tastings of Cuban, Tuscan and national cigars, grappa and chocolate of different flavors.


To end your event with a flourish, let yourself be involved in the sweetness of this cream liqueur with an all-Italian temptation, to drink at the cold moment or take it away as a souvenir of the evening.

Traveling poetic show

A truly suggestive performance, unique and surreal characters accompany guests in an enchanted world, amazing them with original choreographies. A living carillon, together with five clouds represented with umbrellas and veils, dance among the guests and with the newlyweds, giving the ceremony a unique and wonderful effect.

Flight of the bright balloons

It makes your event magical, engages your guests by moving them and leaving them with a happy memory of your day.

Dance with the LEDs

A show that will illuminate your special evening

Cake woman

Impress your guests with a new nice and fun way that will make the dessert moment even more interesting and original.

Table woman

A cute and fun way to serve and impress your guests.

Church set-up

The first thing to decide, but perhaps also the most important for a refined wedding, is the choice of flowers. They will attract the gaze and attention of your guests. If for the reception you will focus on original and unpublished colors and mixes, for the Church the best choice is always white and neutral colors. In addition to the flowers, there must be small style details that recall the theme of your day.

Car rental

The choice of sports cars is now an increasingly fashionable trend, even if, according to tradition, it should fall on a model in line with the style of the wedding. Our Wedding Planners will help you make the right choice by being able to range from sports, classic or vintage cars.

Villa Tiberiade

With its breathtaking view and the English garden that falls sheer to the sea, Villa Tiberiade is the ideal location for your photo shoot. Here you will find all the elements that frame the memory of your day.


For your 18 years, a poster that will tell your story and where each guest can leave you a dedication. A memory that you will take with you, to reread to relive the emotions felt on this day.

Courtesy line

Usually present in the rooms of the best hotels, it is a kit containing hand sanitizer, sewing set and ashtray. We have recreated the idea of the kit, also reusing it in the ceremony rooms.

Lawn sabot

Give your guests a moment of break from the increasingly dizzying ceremony heels. Lawn sabot are a new and fun way to help them end the day with a smile and free from the typical annoyances that result from a whole day spent on heels.

Luminous LED bow tie

To give a touch of color and make your event unique and fun, choose the bright LED bow ties, to be customized according to the theme of your evening, fun and elegant, they will make your evening special.


In most cases, couples who decide to get married in winter find themselves faced with limits dictated by outside temperatures. We believe instead that there should be no obstacles to a couple on the day of the Yes. We therefore offer plaids to all guests so that the cutting of the cake and all the moments you want to eat outdoors, take place without worrying about cold temperatures. Once worn, each guest will prune the plaid with them, as a reminder of your wonderful day.

Polaroid and photo booth

Make your event fun and full of memories with the help of the polaroid and the photo booth suitable for every theme and every event. With the help of special accessories, you can take funny souvenir photos, to be delivered directly to your guests.

Imperiale Gadget mania

Dai un tocco di colore e rendi unico e divertente il tuo evento con i nostri simpatici gadget.


A video operator will accompany you throughout your event, capturing the most beautiful details and enclosing them in a single video, which will tell your day making you relive the same emotions every time you watch it.

Wedding in streaming

Avant-garde spouses? This is the right service for you. Thanks to the cameras inside the room, distant friends and relatives can take part in your special day.